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Craft & Hobby Store Magnets

  • We offer magnets and magnetic devices to complete every hardware, home improvement and detail product category!

  • Magnetic sweepers great for clearing walkways, warehouses, garages and construction sites.

  • Magnetic tool holders work well in garages, commercial kitchens and utility vehicles!

  • Handle magnets are useful in the warehouse and with bulk parts or material bins.

  • Clip strips conveniently display items in high traffic areas.

  • Paint products will attract to surfaces covered with magnetically receptive wall treatment or other ferrous metal surfaces.

  • Flexible magnets have features powerful magnetism on one side, strong adhesive on the other
Hobby & Craft Magnets
Hardware Magnets
Hardware Magnets Store

Since 11/01/01, The Magnet Source's NdFeB
prices have been reduced 15-30%.

We guarantee the lowest price: We can beat    any written quote.

Licensed material by both G.M. (Magnaquench )    and Sumitomo Special Metals.

Bend-it Magnet
Bulk Lifter
Floor Sweepers
Handy Magnet
Handle Magnets
Pick-up Pal
White Hooks
Magnetic Bases
Super Latch Magnets
Retrieving Magnets
Tool Holder
Utensil Holder
Magnetic Handy Clips
Magnetic Handi-Hook
Magnetic Pick-Up Point
Magnetic Wreath Holder
Print Magnet
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